Spell casting

Spell casting

The Basic Concerns About Spell Casting.

Usually, casting a spell is not as simple as it seems or sounds. If you are a novice spell caster you may discover that the process is very intimidating. More so, you should ask yourself whether witchcraft is what you can practice. Essentially, there is no reason why you should practice rituals if you don’t think they will work.

Thus, if you have an interest in understanding how to cast spells you have to conduct a lot of research to understand what you are involving yourself in. Prior to researching the occult, below are some of the day-to-day questions that you may have concerning magic.

Is Magic Real? 

Well, it is real for both those who believe in magic and those who apply the power they possess within themselves in conjunction with the power found in natural components.  Speaking about its powers, magic is as true as you believe it to be. In case you are doubting it then you may imagine that the outcome that you get from it are nothing more than just a simple coincidence. Basically, you will have to test it yourself to learn whether spell casting is what you can do.


The ability of magic can be thought out this way: Just the way some people are gifted in singing, playing sports or art, some people have the natural gift for magic too.

How To Cast Spells That Work:

How To Prepare For A Spell

The Right Mental Condition

Believing In Magick

How To Make Your Spells Work

Will Of The Universe

Finding The Best Spell

Moon Phases In Magick

Experience Of Spell Caster

How To Cast A Spell

Elements And Direction Of Magick

Building Up Energy

Timing Of Your Ritual


How Certain That Casting A Magic Spell Will Work? 

Actually, this is probably the greatest question that is in the mind of many people intending to understand or even seek the power of the witchcraft in future or those who are new to witchcraft. The reality is that sometimes they work, and in some cases, they don’t. This is in line with the fact that nothing in this universe is perfect; magic is no exception.

How you apply witchcraft when the outcome is significant, and so is taking other appropriate actions to attain your goal. Magic is intended to assist you to realize a goal, however, it is you who has to take the necessary moves to make the goal happen. For example, when you cast a love spell with the aim of finding a relationship, you are not supposed to just sit around and presume a relationship come and locate you. You need to take the necessary action like getting out, socializing and meeting people. By doing so, your love spell will have a greater chance of working if you will work with it.

How long will it take a Spell to start working? 

The time here will depend much on the spell. For example, some need time to work and will direct you to wait for a given time (like 9 days after performing the ritual), and then instruct you to begin searching for signs three days later after the expiry of the waiting time. Read more: How Long Does It Take For A Spell To Work?

Nevertheless, quite a number of spell seekers report experiencing effects from as early as a week. With that, remember that spells do not function all the time.

Can I Cast Spells Given That I Am New To Magic?

The answer is that you definitely can. Anyone casting spells are regarded a Witch and can be a member of religion not only Wicca or another pagan religion. Actually, even if it happens that you are not a member of a religion you still conduct rituals if it is your wish to do so.

Note that in order for magic to give positive results, you should know the appropriate rituals to choose, how to conduct them and work on them. Just keep in your mind that spell casting is not for everyone, therefore, do not get discouraged if you are not getting the desired results. You can still accomplish amazing things in life without applying witchcraft as a tool. The life achievement is all about trusting in yourself and working hard to be the ideal person you can be.

Generally, spell casting like life is about setting the appropriate mood. In case the energy is not properly balanced, the spell will just be ineffective. Spell casting is quite personal and great way of speaking with your inner being and the universe and there are various techniques to approach it. Regardless of the fact that you might be having suitable words, tools and timing, you will fail if your mood is not be fitted to your spell.

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