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Jimmy Page Invited Robbie Williams For Black Magick?

So, did Jimmy Page Invited Robbie Williams For Black Magick?  According to the Daily Mail, the argument between the 75 years old guitarist, Jimmy Page, and the 45 years old singer Led Zeppelin and a self-styled entertainer Robbie Williams is one of the most prolonged disputes of their time which could not be resolved until…

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Aleister Crowley To Be Played by Angus Macfadyen on Strange Angel

The Scottish actor Angus Macfadyen will be playing the role of Aleister Crowley – the founder of Thelema who was mentioned quite a few times in season 1 – in season 2 of CBS All Access Series “Strange Angel”. He will be seen opposite Jack Reynor in the TV Show. Strange Angel is a creation…

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The Occult In Movies

The Occult In Movies Indeed, Occult in movies can be a daring occurrence as they examine you on an extreme emotional level, stripping you off, revealing you in all your vulnerabilities and fears and interrogation of faith, life and human actuality in a manner that is fiercely threatening and intriguing. Horror movies have always employed…

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