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Types Of Magic

Hello everyone, Izabael DaJinn here, I get requests asking what types of magick there is. Although there are many such as fire magic, blood magic etc. I have decided to focus on the main types. Types of Magic  Binding Magic. The Binding magic is not the most glorified practice. Basically, to bind means preventing someone…

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The Right Time To Cast A Spell

Did you know that when casting a spell there is the right time to cast a spell? Whatever is the steering religion of the witch or the spell caster, the practitioners usually adhere to a specific moment to cast the spell. With the earth revolving, the planet’s positions and the moon’s and sun’s locations that…

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How ToOccult & SpellsPaganismWhite Magic SpellsWicca Moon Phases In Magick

The Moon Phases And Magick

Discover how the moon phases and magick coincide with some spell. The power belonging to the moon is significant to Witches who rely on the moon phases to give them balance, guidance, success, prosperity and love in their life. Actually, casting spells basing on the moon phases can assist you to remain organized and bring…

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How ToOccult & SpellsPaganismSpiritualismWicca The will of the universe in spell casting

The Will Of The Universe In Spell Casting

Learn how the will of the universe in spell casting can have a difference in some practicing art. For magic practitioners, impatience is quite an undesirable quality. This is because it will result in loss of hope and confidence in the way of magic and how they organize the spell. The major reason why those…

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